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Clutch pushrod

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Does anybody know how to remove the clutch pushrod from the pressure plate on a dry clutch? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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Use a socket to support the inner race of the bearing and give the rod a tap with something smaller than it. Don't let it bounce off the floor when it frees:bawling:
So support is on the outer side?
rod inserts from inside to out.. support the bearing on the INSIDE of the cover... socket just big enough to cover the outer race of the bearing..

Do you have a bench vice?
After "pressing" the shaft from outside inwards, just make sure the rod can't hit the ground/ concrete, dirt.. nice to have a 3rd hand or press.
O OK. Sadly I don't have a press but can have access to one
The pushrod should come out no problem. If not, ducnial's process is the right one. Just pull the pressure plate off and tap the center bearing with something hard and it will pop out.
With a little more ass on my end I was able to pull it out and have it free. Thanks for the suggestions guys
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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