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Competition Werkes Integrated Tail Light Install - Help!

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Decided to install the CW Smoke Integrated Tail Light...

In any case, got a brand new CW Integrated taillight. It was supposed to be a plug and play unit - minus splicing the turn signal wires. The unit had 3 main wires. 1 wire set was for the brake light, and 2 single wires (blue and yellow) to be spliced with turn signal wires (with bullet connectors).

I wanted to keep my stock turn signals; relocated them to the vents. I cut the turn stock turn signal wires so I can keep the plug. I cut the bullet connectors off of the taillight turn signal wires, and spliced them onto the stock turn signals...

Everything works as should - minus the integrated taillight function... The turn signals (Stock back and front) work fine - and there's no weird/quick flash rate. IF i unplug one of the rear turn signals - the flash rate gets quicker. So, I know my wiring is right... Also, the CW taillight comes w/ a "safety" light. It's a red single LED that stays on and progressively dims when the bike is off. This function works - just not the integrated signal function.

I need some help here. Is the integrated taillight not working because it's a defective unit, or there's no ground? The single turn signal wires from the CW taillight did not come with any ground wires (except, maybe in the main brake light plug)? Does this kit need resistors or something of that sort to get the integrated turn signal function to work?
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Hey did you try adding resistors? Having the same issue with mine and not sure if it’s defective or needs resistance
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