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I paid for this bike http://www.ducati.org/forums/desmosedici-rr/66368-884-sale.html yesterday, then i reuested for some photos from him, i ask him to take a photo of him sitting on the bike, photos of the engine number and photos of the speedo, he refuse and have not heard from him since i requested for that .


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It's only been a day. Shouldn't you have asked for those photo's and such before paying for it??
Seller also says he hasn't seen the money yet. Maybe wait before panicking. I'm sure once the seller sees the $ in his account, he'll fulfill your requests. But next time, I would make sure all your requests are filled before sending money.
Why are you reposting from another thread. It's pretty evident you were the one in error here...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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