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CONFUSED about Termi Slipon on 2013 848 evo Corse SE!?

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Sorry if this is a newb question but I've tried searching for answers but it was fruitless.

I recently bought a brand 2013 848 Evo Corse SE (most beautiful ducati IMO) and I want to get a Termi slip on Exhaust. I don't know if this model requires a special series of Termi slipons because of the quickshift or whether the ECU that comes with it is already prepped for the quickshift.

Some say there is a different type of Termi slipon you need to get that specific for the 2013 SE. Some say you can get one for the regular 848 but just make sure to reflash your ECU as I have quick shift.... I'm lost.

Please help.
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Great choice!! I have the same and happen to agree completely with you about her being the most beautiful.

Yes, you need to ensure that you have a Corse ECU ('12 or '13, they are the same). Because of the factory Quickshift and Traction control you need an ECU that will support those features. With that said, the EXHAUST is the same, it's the ECU that is different to support those features.

Don't worry about the questions, I asked plenty when I got mine...99% of the people on this site are happy to help.
Like said above, make sure the slip on 'kit' is specific for a Corse. 12 and 13 are the same, its the ECU that differentiates between models.

Good luck. Also before you buy....check into Arrow and Akrapovic exhaust brands....I like those much better....

I'm sure there will be more questions, feel free to ask them all. You'll get quick answers and good advice :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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