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I am brand new to the word of ducatis. I have always wanted one but never seemed to be able to snag one. I have had kawi, hondas, suzukis, yamahas, bmws, and buells, but never a duc. So I need some help.

The bike I am looking for is some distance away so I can't just check it out on a whim, but Ive tried to as seller as many questions as possible. Here is what I know.

Its cheap: 2,000 and he said offer. He sells bikes form his tow yard that get seized. I know it sketchy but just because it there doesn't mean anything is wrong with the bike.

He is sending me a video, but says it runs well.

14,000 miles

ugly ugly color, but no body damage. Pipes look good so to bar ends an other signs of a fall.

Small case leak, but seller bought the seal.

Non stock headlight, but seller bough the stock headlight.

Tires are in good shape.

No service history at all. This is what makes me nervous

he said the brakes are loud. Maybe needs new pads????? Maybe rotors?

What should I look for on this bike? How much should I offer? The title is a lien sale, but isnt salvaged.

Thanks in advance,

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I'd say just keep looking... set a budget and a colour and a model / style..

If you buy this it MAY be ok.. or it may be a money pit trying to get it how you like.

upload the vid maybe but I would not bother.
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