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CT and north west Ducati tuner?

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getting my 749 going after a year+ in storage and I think the carb needs some adjusting.

Also I'd like to actually get the bike set up for my body weight and tune the suspension as well.
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Hey "Homie!"
Born n raised in Glastonbury and wife from Trumbull / Bridgeport area too.
I can surely refer you to probably the best tuner / setup Ducati Master Tech in the whole Northeast, but it'd be somewhat of a haul for you man. :(

His name is Kyle Thompson who is the Service Lead at Seacoast Sport Cycle in Derry, NH. He even used to race a 749 at Loudon and is without a doubt one of the most skilled Techs and biggest Ducati freak you'd ever meet! If that's too far to haul your bike up to, perhaps you can give him a call to obtain aappropriate settings for you and a place to start until you can make it up there? BE SURE to tell him Gunny Fitz referred you since he built a couple of my bikes back when he worked at the legendary BCM Motorsports in Laconia, NH (If you're not familiar w that definetly do some research!)

Hope that helps a bit. Shoothe me a PM for some additional info as well man. Best of luck and stay safe and OFF I-95 my friend!! ;)
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I guess I'll need to pick up one of those small bike trailers and get a hitch for my TDI. 44mpg on the highway, I'll tow it where ever.

I'll be in northern VT this weekend, I'll have to give him a call and maybe swing by on the way back.
Cud always rent a uhaul van and put it inside, or borrow a friends pick up? Those are better options than going out to get a hitch installed on your car and renting a exposed one bike trailer w it bouncing all over. I was gonna be up at my mom's home in Chelsea, VT too but that changed.

Maybe call Kyle first to see what he recommends you do or if he has the time. He used to do all sidework after hours but it doesn't sound as if this is too involved, unless you're looking for dyno tuning etc. Hope you can reach him and DON'T FORGET to tell him who sent ya right away, and everything I told you about him and his unreal devotion to Ducati! ;)
Yep, Kyle and the crew at Seacoast Sport Cycle are awesome. As a matter of fact, my garage is right next to theirs each race weekend...Love the Seacoast racebikes, all very nice and professional looking and the guys are super willing to help...

When my gearbox lunched a few return springs a month ago, they had the obscure parts in stock. No other Ducati dealer had what I needed. I drove up there that day and got the stuff I needed right away and I only had a week and a half before the next race. I wouldnt have been able to race that next weekend if parts had to be ordered...

Great place and people!
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Johnny that kind of post / reading totally solidifies all my posts about Kyle and his crew! They'd literally give you the shirt off their back or the seat off their bike if it helped! Thanks for posting this up man, and PLEASE do me a huge favor by telling Kyle you saw this here and that I send my best regards out to him and his wife Dawn ok? Thanks in advance!

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