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Looking for some help with a new fault guys.
I've not experienced this fault before today.
Let me set the scene to possibly debunk some possibilities:
- went for a 'brisk' run this morning.
- fuelled at usual station within 5km of home.
- no tanker on forecourt (so no reason to believe a fresh batch of fuel delivered).
- all good for about the first 100km.
- weather is dry and sunny 26-28C (I live in a dessert, so bike has barely, if ever, seen rain).
- I washed the bike about ten days back (not been out since then - work sucks!), so no damp connections etc.
- I've been washing the bike pretty much every week for three years since new...no problems encountered to date.
- new battery about three months ago, topped up with trickle charger for a few hours during the week.
- bike mostly used one day on weekend, for a 400-500km round trip.
- 'BATT' reading 12.4-12.6 (once headlight goes out) , no trouble starting.
- engine cut on me at speed this morning, (160-200kph)...just for a second, then kicked back in.
- thought I'd imagined it at first but then became more prevalent - it's never done that before!
- once the farmyard smell for my leathers dissipated I studied fauly a bit more.
- I can't see a 'trigger', i.e. no particular gear, revs, speed, upright or cranked over, hard on gas or neutral throttle.
- noticed when it cuts the rev counter 'disappears' (i.e.clears to zero), other dash info seems to be there: coolent temp etc (all normal by the way). I think I saw the blue 'full beam' light go out with the rev counter...but can't be 100% (they drive like total dickheads here, so full beam when I'm not in a group).
- no codes thrown, no check engine light.
- bike is 2012, 30,000km, full dealer service history owned by me from new, Termi slip ons and DP ECU are the only 'performance upgrades'.
- have had some 'history' (several months back) with mild misfires which seem to have been resolved by new air filters (I'm in a dusty dessert remember), now running MWR 'road' two piece, for over two months, no issues.
- fault seemed to calm down when I did, but it didn't disappear.
- came home 'steady', but still getting intermittent repeat of fault.
- let bike sit/cool for couple of hours before nipping up Ducati Dealer to get appointment (no slot till March ffs!), same problem on way back, but this time from traffic lights
- it's always 'caught' again when it cuts out, and it only cuts out for literally a seconds if that, but it can't trust barrelling into corners north of 200 if it's going to do this mid bend...it's effectively engine braking at speed!

I saw one guy in here had a similar fault last year, but no resolution posted.

Any ideas? I've got three weeks to kill before the dealer can look at it. I'm an average mechanic...but electrics are a bit out of my depth once you get past wiring in LED indicators!

Look forward to your advice...

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Just thought I'd close this out...
Eventually got bike to dealer who hooked up to the OBD, a fault with the vertical coil was identified. Once coil was removed it could be seen that the supply wire insulation had broken down, causing a short circuit, which must have addled the ECU! New coil fitted and seems to be running OK. Haven't taken it on a decent test run just, but Ducati has, and to be honest having seen the offending coil I am pretty confident that this was the problem!

It seems the cable had strayed into the path of the cooling fan, which had progressively nicked the insulation until the point of exposing the copper!

Unusual fault...but there you go...hopefully this might save someone else!
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