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Just found and joined the forum a few minutes ago. Just got a Hypermotard-S a few days ago. I changed the exhaust to the slip-on Termignoni's, but left the included air intake and the ECU 'til Monday night since I have a Tuesday appt to have the TPS "initiated". I'm assuming I can ride the bike casually with just the exhaust change-over until Tuesday. NOW the questions. What is the "DDS" I read about? I'm assuming a Diagnostic tool? Where do you get one, how much, and how quickly? I'm an experienced (home) bike mechanic, but this is my first Ducati. I do my own PowerCommander/laptop work on H-D, Kawi, etc., but I can see I will need new equipment for the Ducati. Very different. Very abrupt throttle, very cold blooded, very quick and fun addition to my collection. Thanks for any help.
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