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I am considering buying Multistrata and wanted to connect with other owners in Bangalore or India. Is there a Ducatisti group in Bangalore like we have HOG?

Few questions:
  • Few of my friends own HD and their alloy wheels got cracked after couple of months of country side riding, any feedback about 1200S alloys?
  • What kind of breakdowns (if any) have you experienced? What kind of support can we expect from Ducati given they have presence only in 4 cities. Recommendation on what to do if we have a breakdown in say Rajasthan or Odisha.
  • Does our village-roads (no tar- mud, gravel, brick roads) come under off-roading? On several of my rides we do 50-100kms on such roads, should I be considering Enduro?
  • As we don't have Enduro bike to test in Bangalore, can you please tell how high (seat) it is compared to 1200S. I damaged my ankle at remotest part of north east India during one of the rides so I am very uncomfortable riding bikes where my full feet doesn't touch the ground.
  • Any experience to share about bangalore service guys?

I recently started blogging and wrote about my experience here: My experience test riding Ducati Multistrada and VST & Sons, Bangalore Ducati Dealer ? Notes To Self

Looking forward to some advise / help on deciding whether I should go ahead with 1200S or 1200 enduro

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