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Diavel Carbon by RogerG

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Just bought it a month ago. Carbon, 2011, with 15.500km. Full HpCorse Hydroform 1-1 exhaust system (without exhaust butterfly)....! Simply love it


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Some Italian Dolomites Ride…from Val Gardena to Passo Pordoi….(part 2 is coming)

Opposite direction as part. 2
Riding back…..

Season ‘22 is slowly going to end….but not yet….still have some nice moto days ahead

Same day, different location,love this road more and more (but in other way- uphill)……

As befits to great daily Moto trip….part 3 as finish

I insist, 🏍 season ain’t over yet…but ain’t far either! Recorded from Yaris GR (real pocket rocket car)
if he (🚘) pursued me, I will pursue him…. 😎😎 (part. 2)

Hi fellas,
I am in the middle of replacing my OEM Gen1 Air Scoops with Titanium ones. Does it need also inner plate from Titanium and doct to fit on Gen1?
Looking forward to any reply and help….!

I am asking for parts:
8291E631A holder
8291E641A holder
48421161AA duct
48421171AA duct

If anyone knows if they fit on Gen1 frame?! They are from Gen2 Titanium edition Diavel…..

Nobody knows or have done something similar?
There is no such thing as too much Carbon fiber
Tire Automotive tail & brake light Vehicle Automotive tire Automotive lighting

Automotive lighting Vehicle Automotive tire Tire Automotive design

Vehicle Automotive lighting Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive design

Motor vehicle Automotive lighting Automotive design Telephone Motorcycle
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Ready for Season 2023

At Ljubljana Castle
Plant Fuel tank Wheel Tire Automotive lighting

Tire Wheel Vehicle Fuel tank Automotive tire

Wheel Fuel tank Tire Automotive lighting Plant

Wheel Tire Plant Vehicle Automotive tire

Wheel Tire Fuel tank Vehicle Motorcycle

Tire Wheel Plant Vehicle Automotive tire

Land vehicle Fuel tank Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive lighting

Motor vehicle Automotive lighting Automotive tire Motorcycle Vehicle
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First Ride of 2023 Season…..following friend on his SF V2

Clip from Ilirska Bistrica to Šembije best know as most famous road in Hill Climb Race in Slovenia……!

Extra clip at the end….

WeAreDucati/WeRideAsOne 🇸🇮

Simply love that road…..

Day for Tuning/Remapping ECU….

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