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So I was out playing on the monster today with some friends and they decided to testride some used bikes as they're both thinking of upgrading soon, so off to the ducati dealership we went, first guy took a 2010 (i think) monster 1100 evo, really pretty bike. We naturaly did what any reasonable person would do on a testride.. we ran em.

my s2r800 RAPED the 1100.. how? I've done alot of work to my s2r and the evo was stock low milage, did several 20-80mph runs and that 1100 just had nothing compared to the s2r i really did not expect that to happen :confused:
mods on the s2r race flash ecu k&n, full arrow system, 520 chain, up 2 in the rear. recent tune up, TB sync, and tps reset. I thought maybe it was the rider so we swapped bike and had identical results!

next up was the other guy that took out a blandit 1250fa. AGAIN surprising results the 1250 pulled away about 2 bikes then that was it. held steady there. I fully expected the 1250 to just walk on down the road but sure enough my little s2r was right there.

this bike is a freak and i love it. all my friends hate me now. i'm okay with that. :dance:

almost forgot to ad the street tripple, raced 3 times pulled the first two, once the guy on the tripple got his shifts sorted out and such the tripple pulle ahead a little bit
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