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Hello, new member, first post!

I'm in the market for a mid to early 2000's 800 Monster.
I'm currently looking at a 2006 S2R 800, clean bike, 18,000 miles. Also a 2004 Monster 800, low miles 4xxx, was dropped and a little banged up, but structurally fine.

I love the single sided swing arm on the S2R's, however, so many have the swollen tank issue.

The 2004 is less expensive, and crazy low miles.

I guess my general question is...
other than the swing arm and the metal tank,
what, if any, are the big differences between these two bikes? Is one generally thought to be better than the other?

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

(I guess another question is, if I ended up with the 2004 and I came across an S2r swingarm one day, is that something that can be swapped?)

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