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After much searching and deliberation, I am now the proud owner of a new 1199 Pani! I don't think I've ever picked up a vehicle with only 2 miles on it!
I got a deal on a 2013 that I could not pass up, so I made the trek to pick it up yesterday. Unfortunately it was raining, and kept raining... After waiting around hoping it would clear, I decided to go home and get the trailer. (brand new bike, slippery tires, and wet roads do not a good recipe make)
The thought of waiting until Monday to pick it up was killing me, and as today was supposed to be beautiful, I couldn't wait.
Big Kudos to C.T at Ducati Minneapolis. I called and told him I'd be running late (arriving after they'd closed), and he said no problem - he'd wait.
Everybody there has been great through the whole process (including multiple demo rides), and I did not want to put him out. He insisted he'd wait. (He obviously gets it!)
So about 30+ minutes after closing time, I roll up with the trailer. He loaded it up, and helped tie it down. Took all the time in the world, never once rushing to get out of there. And the real kicker... He's not even the rep that sold me the bike! (Thanks to Jamie for separating me from my money...) Can't say enough good about everyone there.
So today arrives bright, sunny and warm. Couldn't wait to get a few miles on her. A quick bite to eat and out the door. Just a short 30 mile jaunt around town, enough to get a little freeway time, a few windy roads, and a little "city" driving to get a good feel for the bike - as well follow the break-in recommendations of varying speed, load, and RPM. Now I'm walking around with this big $hit eating grin and people think I just escaped from the looney bin. I'll be back out again this afternoon, just to make sure that smile doesn't begin to fade anytime soon!
The next 570 miles are going to kill me! (but what a way to go!)
Now I just have to wade through the plethora of options for her. Billet, carbon fiber, the list goes on!
Thanks to everyone on the forum for the insight. Reading through the old threads, and the comments I received on the 848 helped a lot.
Ride safe! :yo:
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