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This is a NEW Driven quick-change 525 sprocket 41 teeth (stock is 39) +2
(Obviously you need an AFAM quick change carrier)
I normally sell my stuff on eBay but thought I would give this forum a shot. Over the next few hours I will be listing some quite nice stiff at some pretty ridiculous prices. I am NOT a business, just a guy selling some parts. If you want to check out my feedback on eBay, my username is philip-gareth-thomas.
Retail is $75 + shipping
You can have mine for $40 + $10 shipping
If no-one wants it, it goes on eBay.
I prefer PayPal but we can work out any other reasonable payment method.
I live in Watertown MA and you are free to come and see it or pick it up at no charge.
My name is Philip and my email is [email protected]
When it sells, I will note as such on the thread.
Any questions?

Many thanks Philip . . . .
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