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Hey guys,

Having almost lost a race against a buddy of mine tonight, I have a couple questions about the DTC traction control.

For those who might ask, the two bikes were:
Me: SF 1098S 2012 (stock)
Him: KTM 1190 adventure 2014 (Akrapovick can)
Running start, both on third gear.

I did not turned out the DTC before the race. It was set at level 3. At this level, do I have all the power the bike can put out ? Does the DTC only come into play if the back wheel is over spinning or anything else ?
What does the DCT affect anyway ?

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Ducati Traction Control (DTC) is a system which reduces engine output via fuel and ignition when the system senses potential less traction on the rear wheel.

- Front/rear wheel sensors detect speed differences
- Accelerometer detects pitch/yaw of vehicle

With these sensors, the bike is capable of detecting if your leaned over or upright, front wheel off the ground or rear wheel off the ground (under braking). Its very smart and adjusts dynamically on the fly for any given condition, based on the sensitivity level (1 being the lowest, 8 being the highest).

If you're not a good starter (launcher) and the bike has wheel spin, it will cut power by 60% to the rear wheel. The lights on the dashboard which indicate over-rev will light up, indicating DTC is functioning and not allowing you to get all the power to the ground.

For any doubts, simply turn off the DTC entirely and there won't be any problem laying every once of power to the ground, even if you spin the rear wheel.
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