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Hey guys!

$200 plus shipping for everything.

Just cleaning out the garage and offering some old track fairings I have left over.

These right side fairings are in rough shape, but would make perfect fixer-uppers or of course track fairings. They have mostly all tabs intact, no cracks, just need primer and paint.

The front fairing needs work, and went down hard, so the inner tabs are broken. Will need to be held on with zip-ties, but will still works.

Front fender is in good shape.

One set of belly pans is in good shape.

One extra right belly pan has a crack and rash.

Total: 3 right fairings, 1 front fairing, 3 belly pan fairings, and 1 front fender for $200 plus shipping.

Just trying to get rid of this stuff. It is cluttering up my garage.

I have lots of other stuff also, so if you need something let me know, I may have it.

Thanks for looking; pm me if you're interested!!


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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