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Ducati 1098s Dashboard dead and bike not starting

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My Ducati 1098s just decided to go blank while out for a ride. Got the bike back home, checked all the fuses and found the 30Amp fuse and 2 other fuses blown. checked all the wires for any breaks or damages but cant find anything. Re fitted new replacement fuses at the correct amp ratings. The headlight has come back on and so has the tail light, but the dash is still dead!!! No display at all. Tried to crank the bike and it wont either :confused::confused:

Any clues or suggestions what to do??? Or has any 1 else experienced this problem??


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Check your battery and the battery connections. And don't forget to check the kill-switch.
checked all the switches ,battery and the entire wiring loom, no issues or breaks found.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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