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Selling my custom built air cooled 1198 race / track bike. I need the funds to move on to the Middlewieght class. Developed over the course of a season, this bike is fast and reliable, handles like a dream. Easily outruns Bimotas and keeps up well with Middlewieght machines. Loads of torque and a smooth power curve. Legal for multiple CCS and wera classes.

2009 Ducati 1198 clean title frame

High compression big bore hypermotard engine by Moto Corse Performance
-Pistal 100 mm high compression pistons (1123cc)
-2012 Hypermotard cases and bottom end (deep oil sump and top ignition pickup)
-Moto Corse Performance bored throttle bodies, K&N pod filters.

Custom high flow ported heads- way beyond the usual porting job, these heads are the result of thousands of dollars in R&D, with Dyno and flow bench testing.
-50 mm intake valves
-Corse (RS) valve shims and keepers
-NCR cams
-heads alone are $6500 investment

Nemesis ECU
Nemesis quick shifter (GP shift)

Yoyodyne Slipper clutch

Dual oil cooler setup- v shaped 999 oil cooler on bottom, stock cooler on top

Custom hand built exhaust with Akropovic carbon pipes

Showa 1198 forks with 20 mm Ohlins kit, valves and springs built by Thermosman suspension

Ohlins TTX rear shock, valves and springs built by Thermosman suspension

Kyle racing shock linkage

Streetfighter swing arm (longer than stock, similar to the $7,000 RS version)

Yoyodyne quick change sprocket (rear), 520 chain.

Brembo radial master cylinder with folding lever

Woodcraft rearsets
Woodcraft clip ons and bars

Custom bodywork (vents reversed for max airflow to the air cooled engine) with EVO Corse paint scheme- professionally painted. Big air ducts

Ducati performance racing seat

Custom lightweight fairing bracket with battery box. Helps keep weight forward and increase cooling airflow to cylinders

Antigravity Lightweight battery

127 rear wheel HP on VP C-12 fuel


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(954) 612 0367


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I have gotten a couple of questions on weight, weight distribution, and some setup and handling stuff.

When setting up the bike, I chose the longer swingarm as an alternative to the expensive RS version. This gives increased tire clearance, longer wheelbase, and works better with the Kyle linkage. We did testing with Barrett Long and Robertino Pietri riding the bikes to get setup feedback, and worked with Mike Fitzgerald (Thermosman) to get where we are. What we've found is that these bikes (848 / 1098 / 1198 / hybrid) react a little differently- For example, we raised the front to it's max ride height, this actually made the bike finish the corner BETTER which seemed the opposite of what you would expect. There is a reason the RS (Corse) swing arm was made longer; it allows earlier throttle application and better rear grip. The Kyle triples help, but the setup I'm using without the triples works very well also- it's just more sensitive to rear ride height and sag. Right now the rear sag is 10mm (free sag) with 235 mm of ride height.

Anyway, bottom line, we used what works based on lots of experimenting!

Weight is 368 pounds, 51% front, 49% rear....same as stock 848.
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