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Ducati 620 Sport EOBD and turn signal problem

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Hi from Slovenia,
luckily just got back from a longer Balkan trip. :)Have some problems on the road with my Ducati 620 Sport ie 2003
1. After 100 km the left side of the turn signal wont work. Even the green light on the console wont flashing - for the right side everything works properly just the flashing is faster. Any idea? I don't give a f**k and drive further because we were in group.
2. 500 km after that the EOBD light wont turn off while starting the engine. At first I had to turn the key of and on for 3 times and it wasnt there anymore. After 5 days and more km the problem was bigger. At the end of the trip I have to do it for 2 hours to get the EOBD light off. After that the engine works with no failure - I just couldn start it. Sometimes when turning the key on there were no sound of the fuel injection. Any idea? I've tried the other black key at home and it doesn't help.
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