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Hi, i have a Ducati 848 EVO. its the only bike ive ever had a dry clutch on so i have nothing to compare the clutch to. When i pull away in first gear (and its always done this) it feels jumpy and i get feedback vibrations in the clutch lever. to describe it i want to say it feels knarly when pulling away in first gear.. also with this, when i change gear and release the clutch in 1st, 2nd, sometimes 3rd, if i release the clutch slightly fast (no not dropping the clutch fast) the lever lags behind my fingers a little and kind of opens slowly. im wondering if this is normal or a telltale sign of some kind of issue with the clutch.

for reference i have not noticed the clutch slipping at all whatsoever at any moment. and i have ridden japanese 600's with wet clutches for years. the clutch on the ducati is like nothing ive ever experienced before is this normal?
because it kind of is the sole thing im not enjoying about the bike, i love it in every other way but the clutch just feels horrid.
if this sounds normal, ill relax and just carry on but because im worried its some kind of telltale sign of an issue im worried about it when i ride.

just incase a final note is that to disengage the clutch i pull the lever such a small amount, the clutch bite point is right at the top of the lever. and im not sure what this means or if its just a 'good' clutch or if this is another problem area?

the clutch i have is shown in the picture.

on a separate note, when i change down a gear and dont blip the throttle it does slip a bit, are these clutches slipper clutches or something does anyone know?

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