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2008 Ducati 848 OEM clutch problem

Technical Assistance Please!

Here is a breakdown of the situation:

-Was riding fairly hard one evening when all of a sudden I lost all pull in my clutch lever (could not pull in more than 1/8")
-Could not get into/out of any gear & or neutral
-Bled clutch master/slave cylinder multiple times with no improvement
-Replaced slave cylinder (with another oem slave) as I noticed an oil leak and suspected possible seizure of unit
-Bled clutch master/slave multiple times
-Regained clutch lever movement but still could not get bike into/out of gear
-Opened clutch case to find last clutch plate had seperated from the stack spun and become lodged under pressure plate
-Removed springs and pulled off the pressure plate
-Discovered clutch basket hub nut had come completely loose/off shaft
-Removed clutch plates
-Reattached hub nut (not to spec as yet but approx. 100ft lbs for test purposes)
-Cleaned all debris from inside clutch case/cover/plates as the pressure plate had been making contact with inner case and wore down the paint
-Reinstalled clutch friction/steel plates exactly as they were removed
-Reinstalled pressure plate/springs to torque spec
-Pulled clutch lever multiple times to ensure pressure plate is seperating from stack (although a bunch of the plates are sticking together)
-Reinstalled clutch case/cover
-Did full oil/filter change and cleaned mesh
-Bled clutch master/slave a couple more times
-Started bike while on stand, bike can shift through all the gears no problem
-But .... now even when clutch lever is pulled in the rear wheel continues to spin fairly quickly
-With bike on the ground when I shift into 1st/2nd gear the bike automatically shuts off and lunges abit forward
-If I try to start the bike in 1st/2nd with the clutch pulled fully in the bike pulls forward but will not start
-Have bled clutch master/slave multiple times

-Help please
-Thank You

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Something is wrong with the stack height. Its too tall for some reason.

When you pull it apart, you've gotta use a rubber band or something to hold the clutch down and with the rear wheel off the ground and the bike in gear, you should be able to spin the rear wheel without dragging too much. Thats the "acid" test and should be done BEFORE re-assembly to insure its OK. Most likely its the hub not seated all the way.
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