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Hi all

wondering if anyone can offer any advice please regarding my 999 issue what’s just occurred,

I acquired the bike winter last year and it was in need of some tlc,
it was struggling to start which I upgraded the cables from battery to ground, starter relay and starter Motor, all connections where cleaned up and bike started first time every time, I had a ride out of about 50 miles and it felt good with no issues,

I got it out at weekend to go for a ride after about 2-5 miles I was getting a backfire in the exhaust, running rough luckily I was close to home and limped home,

I got it on my bench to start with the basics, changed the plugs, tried starting the bike but it wasn’t happy backfires and missing, I initially thought coil pack, checked both coil packs with plugs in and getting good sparks at both plugs,

I was getting backfires into the air box which I’m thinking is timing now, I’m now thinking it could be the crank case position sensor? And more so with having the electrical box being out and roaming around with the cables etc The week previous.


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