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Ducati TT2 and TT1 build

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In the process of building a case up Ducati TT1 at the moment. Using a 600SL engine as the foundation and turning it into a hi-comp 750cc. Ceramic bearings throughout, Carrillo rods, balanced crank, NCR cams, bigger valves, all lightened internal gearing, 750 dry clutch, Omega 'Rutter' replica pistons, oil cooler, 40mm carbs

For the roller we are using a Verlicchi TT2 frame, so cantilever version, 40mm '89 Sport forks with gold valves and 17" Marvic magnesiums, Ohlins rear shock, P08 brakes, floating discs, TT2 rear sets, stainless TT1 reverse cone exhaust.

Looking forward to it

In the background is another one waiting .... I need to restore a TT2, again Verlicchi TT2 frame, with a 650SL engine, 36 Del Orto's, 35mm adjustable magnesium forks and triple, 18" rear 16" front (of a '80s Suzuki Katana, will need to source a less offence set up : ) should be relatively straight forward as I am leaving the engine relatively stock, just a freshen up.

And on eBay I have listed the 3rd TT2, simply no time to finish it (have a 2v 1100DS project I am finishing) This one has a Roy Thersby TT2 replica frame, verlicchi swing arm stock 600SL engine, Pantah wheels, etc. Hopefully it will find a happy home soon. It only need TT2 front bodywork and tank to looks period correct, currently has F1 look about it.


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Hi there, good to hear from another tt2 nut!! Looking forward to seeing more of your project, have similar in garage{750 etc} which I hope to get back up & running for summer!! been slack lately. mine is registered & a lovely little sunday-bike.:yo:
The first TT project bike is waiting on the shelf for all the engine parts to come back in.

Still deciding wether to fit 17" magnesium marvics or go with the classic 18" rims

in the forefront is my RAD02 radical ducati track bike getting a front end fork and disc upgrade


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Hi there, see your tt2 hiding up the back, the rad02 looks an impressive bit of kit, big $$ running gear, ?? specs of the bike pls, f you don't mind me asking?? thanks fred
Yup that TT2 is getting some rather nice internals sorted at the moment, it should turn into a regular little rocket ship by the time Leif is done with it. It's a bare engine case build. Debating the tyres at the moment 17" magnesium marvics or old school 18"s

I'll post some more RAD pics up next week when we are done.

Engine started as 100DS Multi, now bored 1080cc.

1000 multistrada cases, 1100 Hyper barrels and head, Balanced crank, 749R CR gear box, Carillo Rods, 12:1 Pistal slugs, oversize valves, MBD collets, NCR cams, ported heads, magnesium clutch engine cover (chasing a DS magnesium alternator one) cnc light weight fly wheel, CNC belt pulleys, Bucci slipper clutch, SC Project oil cooler, TPO Beast-R intakes, TTX Ohlins rear shock, ex Moto2 Ohlins FG366 forks, Brembo HP nickel callipers, SICOM carbon ceramic brakes, HEL brake lines with dry breaks. CNC triples, swing arm 1000M, corse rear sets, 749R subframe, nemesis ECU, big bore termignoni 1000M headers onto Spark reverse cone exhaust, BST wheels, race chain on talon sprockets, BST carbon bars, RADICAL Ducati CroMo frame and body work, NCR cam covers and Ti clutch cover, magnesium valve covers, titanium rear disc and titanium axles, Oodles of titanium sprinkled around it

Wet weight is about 145kg wet with starter motor and alternator. Horses went from 75rwhp to 110rwp and nice torque.

Still more there if we develop air box, injectors, 1200 crank and bigger slugs, however rebuilds get right up there and frankly I have poured enough $ into it over the past years.

Been a slow labor of love, but its truly amazing to ride


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Thanks for getting back to me, totally understand the labour of love & $$$ !! tt2 is on it's 3rd reincarnation & aiming for low 130's wet weight, battery etc & registered on road. Seriously impressed with your bike{ I thought my projects sucked $$$}. I went to 17" wheels & found it much nicer handling{ retired the 18" mags & magnesium forks} & trying to save for BST wheels. Look forward to seeing more of your projects. thanks fred
Would love to see pics and specs of your TT2

Are you running 17" in a verlicchi swing arm or SS with the rear header gap?

130kg that's brilliant, where is the majority of the weight loss?

We are installing all ceramic bearings and all the lightened gears etc inside I bought of Ed from Ducpower so hopefully it will spin up nicely. the '89 fork legs have gold valves installed (selling another stock set on fleabay right now)

trying to work out where there are weight saving opportunities
Hi back again, got side-tracked, weight-loss in usual places, internals been lightened & balanced, hopefully pick up a bit with wheels & possibly single disc up front, battery, bolts, etc. also have factory ally fuel-tank. last time I weighed it I think it was approx143kg{ sans fairing as it didn't fit front-end} & looked like a baby monster. will try to post pics{ ?? do I post pics?} maybe mid 136kg might be more optimistic after seeing your specs,my engine specs: full 750cc internals, crank lightened & balanced, heads heavily modified by pete smith{Epicycle}, bimota close-ratio g'box, 41mm malossi-carbs,new silent-hectic ignition, housed in a verlicci frame & swing-arm{ both braced},46mmforks & ohlins rear with rgv wheels. was heaps of fun & hopefully will be again soon!! have you modified a front-fairing to suit wider 17" front-end??
Sounds like Pete is a is busy boy, he has some of my gear there as well as gear for another TT2 that belongs to the mechanic that built my RAD engine.

Bimota close ratio box would be sweet as a nut, where did you source that?

We tried RGV legs, 900SS legs, 749S legs and are about to trial the 40mm 1989 Sport legs (gold valved, have an oem set on ebay at the moment) I have stacks for RGV legs left that I need to sell off, including some rare SP ones with all the adjusters. I have some 35mm Magnesiums laying around also, that will go onto the 600 TT2.

The RGV wheels worked fine on mine, just needed to get a custom rear disc made up, but for this build we are using 17" Marvic Magnesiums... it's an ongoing debate between myself and the mechanic

Front fairing ...oh hell that was a pain in the butt!!!! Yes we had to make major mods to widen that sucker open. My friend who also rebuilt a TT based on an Ikomec TT2 frame ended up running and fitting a Cagiva Mito bodywork and upswept pipes, looked pretty neat ... but too modern for my tastes. I ended up with his 35mm Magnesiums and triple clamp, spoked 18" rims. He want 916 front and monster 620ie rear wheel

Pics below are it being torn down, it will have a new engine and a different fuel tank

For pics hit "New Reply" not quick reply, you will find the link to post pics in the options there


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To upload pic's, hit "Go Advanced".

Interesting thread...
thanks for that, i'll try and do some photos this w'end
Here is the 3rd TT2 that has been waiting in the background... all the love has been going to the RAD02 and the ground up TT build that Bikebuilders are doing for me.

Finally brought her home and I'll slowly start building this ole girl up at home. Not too sure if I will put her back on the road registered or as a track bike..... mmmm TT2 cafe racer ... :kaiaked:


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Hi there, back again, went digging & found some photos dating back to early, mid 90's,where it went through several re-incarnations. here goes!!


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almost got it right, rgv wheels running 110/70/17, 150/60/17 rubber in braced verlicci s'arm, g'box was present from mechanic,last rebuild was about '93 & ended up being the little black café in the last photo, @ 145kg with fuel from memory. was an absolute joy to ride but never happy with rgv forks so swapping to 46mm zx6r forks, & new revamp. keep you posted.
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So many questions, why did you swap out those magnificent magnesium forks for the RGV forks?
Do you still have those fork legs, the fibreglass fuel tank, the tubular swing arm and the 18" wheels, specifically the front wheel, I am chasing a front wheel and a correct verlicchi or tubular swing arm.

What is the frame in yours? I notive the curve around the vertical cylinder head as opposed to my touching ones. Why did you cross brace the front of the frame under the fuel tank?

It looks a bunch of fun!
hi again, went to 17" wheels for better rubber & brakes, suspension. stored the magnesium forks/ wheels away{ getting too hard/$$ to replace} & upside of 17" is it doesn't shake its head{ occasionally}. sold fuel-tank & replaced with ally tank{ lighter}, should have kept the s'arm, but sold frame/ swingarm{ motoplast copy} & replaced with genuine verlicci frame/swingarm{ version 3 I think}. the curved frame gives better access to cams & we braced both frame & s'arm for better rigitidy, s'arm is very prone to having the shock support post bend backwards & definitely needs bracing. being café-style, clip-ons sat a bit higher & was definitely a hoot to ride. still thinking about putting fairing back on & orig colours but need to widen top-piece--- did also like it plain black, no stickers, nothing.

Well the big 1080cc had a minor issue, during the shimming we noticed some camshaft spacing issues (due to me fitting NCR CNC end caps that were too short, so ordered in the spacers and we are good again) then we we noticed valve seat seals were all knocked out. After stripping the heads we found the front guides were moving around so now getting 2 new valves made up, new valve guides getting fitted. So hopefully that should should sort it and its good for 2016 track season.

TT2 dry clutch project, well ongoing saga, the crank is STILL in NSW waiting to get finished off. The lads starting assembling all the light weight gear and gearbox, I needed to order in new primary gear set as all the lightweight stuff is straight cut and the OEM is hellical... aahh always something hey! But she'll be a gem whenever its finished

TT2 wet clutch, haven't touched it, going to start on it this weekend, create a tail battery box, checkover the loom and see if it needs a new one, start test fitting new body work, etc etc.. all good.

I'll take some pics as we go along. Any news at your end?

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Hi again, good to hear from you, zero progress on baby, other more pressing probs. as for your battery,check out mine{behind motor & below s'arm, good mass/central}. ?? cases are you using for 1080 mtr?
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