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Hey guys selling some stuff I wanted to hold onto
Need to pay for an unexpected Surgery on my Hand so here it goes

DucShop Daytona DL-2. 2 position link: SOLD

848 EVO stealth right side fairings mid and lower
Small scratches from storage and everyday use

Automotive exterior Bumper Auto part Fender Hood

Automotive exterior Auto part Bumper Rim Wheel

Bumper Automotive exterior Fender Auto part Car

'12 848 EVO Corse SE mids & lowers
Lowers are perfect
Right mid is perfect
Left mid needs love

Automotive exterior Bumper Vehicle Auto part Car

Automotive exterior Bumper Vehicle Automotive design Auto part

Automotive exterior Bumper Fender Font Auto part

Bumper Automotive exterior Auto part Fender

Prices are without shipping and pp..

Also for sale listed in other threads: check there for pics or pm me

1198 OEM DTC traction control kit upgrade (exactly like 1198S) $700

Brembo Billet clutch master 16x18 $300

FatDuc o2 manipulator $55

Have a happy tax season fellas and stay away from that operating table
X-ray Radiology Radiography Medical imaging Joint


1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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