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Just bought a ducati. Had it for 2 months, started to show signs of engine issues: engine jerks when i rev above 4000rpm. Send in to my mechanic. Changed the fuel pump, found a leak in the valves. Did top overhaul for this.
Had it running for a week. Now engines seems to face problems trying to rev especially in the 4000-5000rpm. Engine splutters and it will rev above 5000rpm but speed doesn’t pick up.

gonna check the plates next.

running stock exhaust and no modifications
Hey man. I have a similar issue with an 848 at 6000 rpm’s. I posted the same question and got a response from a guy who is on his second duck which is yours. He says if I flash the ecu to race mode it will sort out the issue. The dealer here in Raleigh doesn’t know how or have the equipment which is silly so I ordered a cable and an android to do it myself.. unbelievable lol. I’d like to know if you’ve sorted out your bike yet and/or give you this info which hopefully will help. Let me know? I’m at [email protected] or seriously you can call or text me at 8136000276.. good luck. Sounds like a problem and we’re not alone. I still absolutely love my bike though. Please let me know. If you hit me up I’ll do the same🤙🏻

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One look at a time.
1. Pull spark plugs. What color does it generally look like?
a. Colors would be black all around. Tan looking. White porcelain being the best.
b. Oil tainted at the plug threads would be a black plug, oil soaked where it's more rings than guides leaking.
c. Black and dry, no oil up the plug's threads shows a possible loose jet if OEM and not fucked with jetting a pipe no air box..

2. Once the plugs are out it's now a compression test or leak down test.
a. Can point to fuel.
b. Can point to spark.
c. Can't point to any above until the compression is tested.

3. Chasing tail.
a. You did not listen to turtle.
b. You opened the wallet anyway.
c. Thus chasing the tail at opposite end of the troubleshooting tree.

NOLTT (no one listens to turtle)
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