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I have a 2010 848 and needed to make a duplicate key. I did not have the security card.

I found a solution buried in a thread and thought best to start a new thread with the appropriate topic for the next guy hunting for a solution.

There are lots of "old wives tales" about basically being screwed in this case. I was petrified. I called Ducati and their option was to either get the console reprogrammed OR get new parts from Ducati ($2000 option). Wrong!

The facts are as follows:

1. Get hold of S.O.S Diagnostics (thanks to a fellow member on this forum for providing this lead).

2. They will give you two options if you have an original working key: a. duplicate your existing key or b. get a new security code which will require reprogramming your console. The second option is good if you plan on losing your key in the middle of no where and in that case any locksmith can cut you a key and you would have the code to override the immobilizer.

3. I chose the duplicate key option. I got two keys made. Cost is only $60 plus shipping (for each key). I now have a spare key stuffed in the tank bag and one at home.

The objective of this post is simply to inform of a great resource and I am in no way connected to S.O.S.

They are an extremely professionally run company. Prompt and accurate. Best of all, WOW! they solved my problem.

My keys work !!!!

Ride safe.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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