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Where to begin...

Ok, so I bought my 2012 S a few weeks back. The Craigslist pics showed an aftermarket FEK installed. It may have been the Comp Werks one with the LED blinkers mounted in the tail vents. Anyway, I was pleased to see it was returned to the stock setup when I went to look at it (bought it day after). Fast forward to today and I'm installing my new NRC FEK and I test all connections. Plate light worked but no blinkers. Fuck.

Here's where it starts getting weird. I break out my test light and check the two fuse boxes above the battery. All good. I move to the harness where the rear loom hooks up to the main loom. The only time it lights up is for what I'm assuming is the plate light. With the blinker on I get no flashing test light in either hole.

One hole I did notice it kicked out a "BUS-LIN" error code and basically resets the display. Blinker resets itself and everything (but works when I activate the blinker after still). So I'm at a loss. Anybody have any ideas what else I can check before I drop it off at the Duc shop and prepare to unload some serious money for diagnosing the issue? My electrical knowledge isn't the greatest but I've had no problems with tasks like installing FEKs, new blinkers, or anything like that on my previous 8 bikes (2 were Ducs).
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