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Engine conversion

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Hi all new to the forum and after any advice cheers.

I've owned and worked on my 916 for some time but decided it's time to delve further and try an engine rebuild.........

I bought a spare 916 engine some time back but the front engine mountings have been cut Gould only knows why?????, I have started to strip the engine down and all in all it seems in pretty good nick so my dilemma is do I get the engine mounts repaired? (I should be able to make the bits and hopefully get them tig welded on) and check the rest of the bearings etc out and rebuild it


As I have a set of 996 cases (though the engine number says 916 the 996 barrels fit), barrels, pistons and heads (which I think are 996SPS), strip the whole 916 engine down and put the crank, gearbox etc etc into these cases and make a 996 engine........ I know the 916 con rods won't fit the 996 pistons but have been told that 996 con rods will fit the crank.......

will it work? I'm going to have to buy new big end bearings, gaskets, belts etc which ever way I go......

Any thoughts?
Thanks in advance
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916 and 996 cases are totally different. stud spacing is different because of the 98mm pistons instead of the 94mm pistons of the 916 motor. 916 barrels will not fit the studs or in the cases and vice versa, stud spacing and the outer diameter of the barrels are bigger on the 996. sps cases are different from standard 996 cases, they are deep sump which i believe you need a special exhaust to clear the sump. pictures would help cranks are different between 916 and 996. the spline for the stator are different so you cant swap them as the 3 phase staot wont work in a single phase cover and vice versa. stroke is the same though.
Hi thanks for the reply, don't think my post was very clear. Not only do I have the whole 916 engine with the damaged engine mount but also 996 cases, barrels, pistons and heads so my thought was to take all the 916 internals (crank, gearbox etc) and put them in the 996 cases using the 996 barrels, pistons and heads but the 916 alternator etc etc......

I know the con rods from the 916 don't fit the 996 Pistons but have been told that 996 con rods should fit the 916 crank....

Thanks again
like i said about the crank, different splines for the stator, making it a single phase electrical system. i know there are differences in the cases as well. have a 98 748 motor and a 2001 motor. cases are very different in many small ways, oil pump system is different for one thing, side cover is different too, for stator and wiring. cheaper and better just to get a 996 crank. transmission is usable, dont know if the gearing is the same though.
.... sps cases are different from standard 996 cases, they are deep sump which i believe you need a special exhaust to clear the sump. .......
No, I think they are the same.
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