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Some of you guys may or may not have ridden their 821 in summer. I commute approx 40 minute trip to work in traffic max speed 60klm/h with several stops at lights and built up traffic areas. Current ambient temps are between 25 deg Celsius to 35 deg Celsius, and it gets damn hot on the bike. Engine heat radiating up from both sides of the seat, lower petrol tank portions hot, rear sets are hot. Bassically you get off the bike dripping with sweat.
Usually the bikes temp is around 100 - 105 deg Celsius.
This is vastly different to my previous bike, street triple r where you didnt feel much heat at all.

Whats your thoughts of putting heat foil insulation under seat, tank and possibly blocking around the rear exhaust header area etc. Concerened of side effects if heat cant radiate and dissipate away. Whats your thoughts?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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