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Engine light and limp mode!

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I have a 2015 white 821, 2k miles and already got my first service done around 700 miles. I left my bike outside today in 80-90degree heat in the shade and with a cover on. I came back to the bike about 7 hours later and started it up, within 5 minutes the engine light came on with a warning hazard indicator next to the riding mode. I turned it off and turned it back on. Same problem. I called the dealer they said to try to ride it out. After riding for a couple minutes the red warning lights went on and the bike wouldn't go above 30 MPH. I was full throttle and the bike didn't respond. It was basically in limp mode. I pulled over again started the bike up 15 minutes later and then it ran as normal...could this be an issue because of a heat sensor or throttle assembly issue? HELP. Going to call the dealer again tomorrow. Hope it doesn't happen again.
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Dealer said it was an accelerator position sensor. This came about 1 month after i put on the slip on SC CRT-silencer exhaust.
WOW, its started to happen again a year later. Engine light and hazard comes on almost 75% of the time i start my bike. Sometime si have to wait 15 minutes and keep turning the bike on and off to disappear. They already did the software update and replaced the sensor.
This happened to me about 700 miles ago (once) but fortunately hasn't happened since.

All part of the Ducati character.

Mine did it again too last week. Ducati Replaced the APS again. I think this is the 3rd or 4th APS replacement and the bikes just over 1 year old
4 TIMES they replaced the APS? They just replaced the throttle sensor for me. it is the first time this is replaced.
Looks like I may be having this problem too.

I took my bike out for a spin today. Right as i left the driveway I noticed the check engine light was on and I was limited to about 4000RPM. Pulled over and turned the bike off and on, same problem. So I limped back home and tried off and on again. This time no CEL. Took it for a quick spin around the block and everything seemed fine. I've tried cycling and revving up the bike a few more times but couldn't recreate the problem.

Guess I'll keep an eye on it the next couple of days. Hopefully, if anything is wrong my extended warranty will cover it.
This happened to me on my 2015 821 at around 1200 miles. I'm at around 6k miles now, and it hasn't relapsed.
It happened to me to, this winter.
After maybe 3-4 weeks of snow, one day I decided to wake up the bike, and took it for a spin. It was cold, around 3 celsius. I waited maybe 10 minutes for the bike to warm up, and only then started to ride. After 5 minutes, sound and power changed, and saw exlamation mark on the screen. Bike sounded like only one cilinder worked, and I felt power decreased. Turned off, started again, but after 300 meters, it happened again. I thought it happened because of low temperature.
It never happened to me during warmer seassons, only in winter.
I just hit about 6900mi and this happened to me. Check engine light came on as I was coming to a stop. Nothing felt different but I decided to kill the engine and shut it off then restart the bike. Light never came back on after that but now I'm wary something's wrong. Probably going to bring it in this week.. sigh.
Dagnamit. This happened again on my journey home.

I was wheelieing at the time so I came down heavier than normal! (2nd gear so not that bad as a 1st gear wheelie!)

Mine didn't display any warning messages when I looked into the menus though.

I swear the first time I was limited to 30mph. This time it seemed to let me rev up to 4000 rpm which meant rather than waiting a few minutes to switch it off and on again I rode it home (I was only a mile from home).

with just 4000 rpm I was able to get to a safe speed easily.

Got home looked through the menus (nothing on the dashboard anyway all looked normal) nothing in the menus about any errors.

Switched it off waited one minute with the key out restarted and went for a test ride for a mile. back to normal.

First time this happened the bike was completely stock. This time i've got my SC conic slip on fitted. I therefore don't think mine is related to the exhaust like some people imply.

I really think it's just computers getting confused - If it continues then it might be a faulty TPS.

I'll mention it when it goes in for it's service in a couple of months (if it doesn't happen again)

Maybe Ducati uses Microsoft windows! lol.

I think I prefer the mechanical character of the older bikes to this electrical character but I still love my Monster!
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To read the error you must scroll through the menu before you turn it off.
I did but there were no errors in the menu!
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