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Howdy folks.

A friend of mine and ex Qantas engineer has started up an extremly well equiped workshop for motorcycle DIY maintenance and customising.
Its located at Minto (South of Sydney on the way to Campbelltown)
Prices are $30 for first hour and less for longer.


He is a good man and I would love to see his new business work out. Its a great idea for those who for whatever reason have found themselves mancaveless, a temporary condition many of us unfortunately experience from time to time.

I just wish he did it close to the city CBD!

Please give him some early business if anyone is in the area and has a suitable need.

Thanks for reading.

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Terrific concept

20 odd years and before litigation or whso days there was a mini specialist up here who would do this on Saturdays... You had to buy your parts from them bet workspace and hoists were 10 an hour tools included.

Last proviso was you had to be finished and out by 4pm otherwise you agreed it became their job for Monday to get it going. And you would be charged normal rates.

Did ok until safety scaredicats got involved

Wish him well, great looking shop
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