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Ethanol fuel in 2014 MTS

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I am reading some old posts on the internet about tank expansion from ethanol gas in Ducatis. Has this problem been solved in the 2014 Multistrada?
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Probably not, which is why I advise you to drain the tank before storing the bike for the winter months.
The tank has been designed as have the side panels to allow for expansion, HOWEVER, it is key to drain the fuel tank during the winter, or use the VP non ethanol fuel with stabilizer. For my 2015, I am draining it.
Thanks for your reply.

When you drain the tank, do you just siphon out as much as you can and leave the rest, or do you run the engine until the bike stops running?

Do you leave the tank open or closed through the winter?
I wouldn't worry about tank expansion from the fuel. It's a concern for those metal tanks which are sealed and not vented. More of a concern are the charcoal canisters on new bikes. They should be removed and allow the tanks to vent. Yea I know that that is not the environmental thing to do but wait until your gas supply is ruined by the charcoal. We (BMW) riders have been removing them for years because they have been destroying our fuel systems by returning to the fuel tank by being siphoned back into the tank and vented into the throttle body dumping charcoal fuel into the engine. You will avoid all of the issues if you remove the canister (that ugly looking black plastic rectangular container hanging off the side of the engine). This will also allow the fuel tank to breath which is your original concern.
Just make sure you plug or cap the throttle body connection and run a vent line from your gas tank overflow connection to somewhere under the bike in case you do overfill your gas tank.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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