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Exhaust servo removed. Duc.ee installed!

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Ordered the Duc.ee servo eliminator last week. Came in today so I installed it.
Install was pretty easy. Hardest part was taking off the top bolt near the shielding of the actual flapper valve on the exhaust. You need a small and short Allen key to remove it. Other than that the servo and cables came out no problem. Mounting the Duc.ee is also super easy as the unit is extremely small. I took some photos of it mounted and the servo components I removed. Took her for a ride. Definitely sounds louder but no noticeable power loss at low rpms. And of course no check engine light.


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I have installed a duc.ee on my ducati 848 '09 but its not working. Still getting the 23.5 error code and engine management light. Anyone got any ideas? I have tried it with two different duc.ee with the same result and if i plug the servo motor back in then the error goes away, could it be an issue with the bike? The bike had PCV and leo vince full system fitted.

I'm having the same problem after installing my duc.ee and looking for a solution to clear this code and cel as well.
Thx for the pics they helped a lot installed my duc.ee yesterday 15 848 streetfighter. No more cel or error code. Of course I only rode about 15 miles today but so far so good.. Thx again
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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