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First post for me from the UK so hi everyone.
My 1098 SF runs Termi cans with the custom ECU that came with them. It runs quite well, a little rough on very small throttle openings but not enough to annoy. But I think it could be better. It seems a little rich to me and not as explosive as it could be from 5 to 7 K. (There's a steep uphill straight near me and going up there the other night it was lofting 90 mph third gear wheelies over every bump all too easily, so its not exactly flat but I feel there's a little more brutishness in there waiting to come out and I intend to give it every encouragement).
Tomorrow its going in to CJS Racing in Bristol for a full custom ECU reprogramme. No Bazazz, no Power Commander, each cylinder fine tuned separately for fuelling and ignition and emissions restrictions turned off. They will balance the throttle bodies first then reprogramme each cylinder one at a time. I asked about the exhaust valve. It can be removed but the performance advantage is small and the pipes will remain loud on a closed throttle. If you are running without db killers and don't want to attract undue attention in built-up areas it might be better to leave it alone, otherwise fit a full race system which won't have a valve in to start with. But it will be window-shaking loud.
They're going to reprogramme the Termi ECU, not the EO item that belongs with the standard cans so the bike can be returned to original spec if required. I will ask what they recommend for the air filter. It would appear a different filter was fitted with the Termis.
I'll let you know the results of this, hopefully by the end of the week..
This bike is a keeper so if this goes well I'll run it for a year or so then have the engine dynamically balanced and the heads flowed and ported.
I may possibly then have to think about suspension upgrades and a better steering damper...
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