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I have used both in the past, and I will stick to ceramic coating... once I can find a good coater (nothing but issues with Jet-Hot)

The wrap sucks to install, it sucks to keep in place, it sucks when it is burning in once you have it installed, and it does a lovely number on carbon steel pipes.

If you go with the wrap then here are a few tips from my own experience:
-Soak the roll in water before you install it. It helps to get it pulled very tight.
- you can use SS zipties (made specifically for the wrap), or you can safety wire it. Either option you will stab yourself with once it is installed..
- When you first fire the bike make sure you arent in a shop or something. Do it outdoors.
- the wrap discolors over time. So go with a lighter color (the white or the off white), it will look better for longer.
- def wear gloves, or long sleeves. The wrap is fiberglass. It isnt so bad to handle- until you cut it. Once its cut you will release a bunch of little fibers into the air. Those are what stuck in your skin, etc
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