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F/S 2007 1098s AMA track/street

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2007 1098s, title in hand, full AMA race bike. It's been sitting around for a couple of years in my garage as I was in process of converting it over for street use. Purchased ALL the parts necessary to do that. Just need somebody with some time and interest to put it together either way: back for track use, or keep converting it to street. Either way it's a ln amazing bike. Just thought it would be amazing to have a street legal AMA bike! Had all the fluids changed recently. Crazy quick.... Asking $6800. Located in Odessa/Tampa Florida.
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Interested for track. Just registered for Homestead 12.3 definitely a good excuse to leave Boston for a road trip.
Aww man, contact me quickly, I just showed it to someone 2 days ago, in fact I just videoed it running. He doesn't need it for street use, just track. You can direct email me [email protected]
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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