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F/S 1x98 Zero G. Corsa screen, de-catted cans

I sold my 2009 1198s and have a few parts left over that need selling.

Helibars for the 1198. SOLD

New - 1198/1198s factory service manual on CD, 2009. uses SVG and comes with a viewer. I’ve also successfully used this on a Mac, FWIW.
$65 OBO

Zero Gravity Corsa windscreen $60 OBO

1198s exhaust cans with cats removed, $120 OBO

These were good for over 150 rwhp with only a race ecu flash. They’re not very loud, but seemed to work pretty well.

buyers to pay shipping & paypal fees. PM with questions, etc.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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