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So what I've got here is pretty darn rare and exotic to say the least. If your a car guy then you'll 100% "get it".

Here is your opportunity to finally get your hands on one of the most expensive and sophisticated design elements of a $7.5M formula one racecar, a pure carbon brake rotor! It is unfathomably light weight compared to even an already gravity defying carbon ceramic rotor from a ferrari/lambo/Porsche if you have ever held one.

This rotor was used by David Coulthard to slow his Red Bull RB2 car from speeds surpassing 190mph, It is still in fantastic condition and like all parts on a F1 car it is a piece as fitting for a museum as it is the ultimate man-cave. To make it even more of a conversation piece, TITANIUM from the car has been used to make a smooth liner for use as a watch/key/wallet/ashtray cigar ashtray etc and is removable. Titanium rotor bolts are used as feet and have a rubber protector on top so it won't scratch your beautiful counter or desktop in your office and are also removable.

Entertaining any reasonable offer or interesting trade!

Feel absolutely free to text me and chat about it! Eric 412.400.6900 or 412.999.6796

***FREE SHIPPING to CONUS. Anywhere else in the world please add $40

***Watches, cigar tube/cutter/lighter, wallet not included sorry!

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