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Anyone here interest on F4 1000 track bike, with a lot high end or bling bling equipments, I also included pix of the bike when I bought from our forum member here

Brembo billet set master $1500
Ohlins TTX36 $1500
STM Slipper Clutch $900
Upgrade to 2009 Fork $1000
upgrade to Brembo Monoblock $500
upgrade set of superlight wheels $1500
upgrade to shorai battery $150
upgrade Eprome $50
Powercommander $345
Powercommander LCD $275
Powercommander Quick shirfter $275
FBF rearset $375
FBF Exhaust $1200
Arrow mid Exhaust $345
X-bike Fairing stay $325
Catalyst Composites track fairing $500
Brembo Rotors $300
Carbon Swingarm cover $250
Carbon hugger $175
520 DID Chain front and rear sprocket covert $375
Fork slider $85
Frame slider $120

Total all parts I bought $12k

I am sure missing couple more items if anyone here interest completed bike please let me know, I am not parts out yet so please don't ask me to parts it.


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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