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Hey guys this helmet is brand spanking new I only wore it for two sessions. I wanted to gauge interest to see if its worth getting rid of otherwise I make just use it to race XR100's HAHAHA!

Its an AGV Corsa which was custom painted by Corby Concepts who does most of his work for Nascar, Indy, Cart drivers, also does Geoff May's Helmets in AMA. Quality is second to none. I'm going to include is pictures of the paint process as well so you can see. Comes with two visors Dark Tint and Clear with Tear Offs and Pinlock Kit. I can't remember the size but I'll check tonight its either a small or medium.

$1,000.00 (won't go into what I have invested but its a good deal :wtf:)

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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