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Finally, after having my 2006 ST3 S/ABS in my possession since November 1, circumstances and weather allowed me to take it for a maiden ride yesterday. When there's a clear day in the Seattle area it is reeallly clear. The air become invisible and you can see big mountains in every direction, and so it was yesterday, with an afternoon temp of 48F. I got out for two short runs, the first abbreviated by the discovery that application of the rear brake was taken by the system as being just a suggestion, not a command. I returned, adjusted pedal travel and set out again for a 50-mile local ride. By the time I was done I knew the bike well enough to concentrate on the road and traffic rather than finding gears and switches.

As any reader here knows, it was a thrill, all the sweeter for the months-long wait to ride my Ducati. And since I had sworn off scooters seven years ago, but finally gave in to the urge, it was a double thrill.

And now the rains are back and the wait continues, but by April I will be back in Arizona to stay.

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