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First Impression 1098

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Like a lot of you I've been waiting for what seems LIke forever for the delivery of my bike. The date kept getting put back and it was killing me. Expecially seeing bike delivered in the snow bound areas while my Summer was a wasting. Well today was my lucky day I rode up to Melbourne on my 2005 S2R and rode home on my 2007 1098. First up I haven't ridden a sports bike since my 1974 750ss which was gone mid 80's so there's a few muscles that have to settle in. I rode the bike home with the same confidence I rode my monster of 2 years up there. She goes through city traffic with ease, the mirrors are snug and dont get in the way when splitting traffic, to see behind is a hassle I find if I lift my hand from the bars I can see under them but I can live with that. I'm sure I'll see the flashing blue and red lights when I need to pull over. I ditched my backpack with the rear pegs and pillion seat and all the crap they give you at home and went straight up the hills to scrub the tyres in. Feet fit comfortably on toes with no obstruction to heals from the pipes, she drops well into corners and I'm feeling confident. Faster and faster until some traffic in front, dont want to sit behind this bloke and miss the next 25kmph hairpin so around I go over the double lines and drop in front just before the corner, a bit too hot so on with the binders and she's not happy, my monster handled mid corner stuff ups a bit better than this. It seemed to want to stand up on me and I stuffed the corner up, well I'm sure I'll get used to it after I stuff a few more up. The power is great even though I'm taking it easy (cant wait to give it some for real) I dropped a cog and went to pass 2 cars from 80kmph by the time I went past 2 cars and dropped in front of them looked down to 180kmph, I'm gonna need a couple of licences for sure. The brakes aren't as lethal as I thought they'd be, they are very useable. The sound is unbelievable I dont know how they got it passed. I have slip ons on order but it's loud enough std. I have 160kms on it after just picking it up a few hours back, and the bigest problem with it is that it's so damned uncomfortable riding around with a constant erection!!!!
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Nice detailed write-up, thanks and congrats!
Slob - thanks for the first impressions. I think I read somewhere else that she doesn't really like to change lines mid-corner, too. Nice to know that the binders aren't the 'threat' that some people have commented on.
Thanks for posting !!!!! :D :D
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