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this is not only my first ducati, but my first bike. I have done a lot of research on these bikes for the last 10 months (while I saved to buy a used s4r). finally today I purchased an original 7500 mile 2004 s4r. it sat for quite a while. but is in excellent shape. starts right up, and idles and runs great.
a few questions....
the clankitty clank of the clutch pack.... it has a carbon fiber dry clutch cover, and it pretty loud. definitely turns to a tambourine and metal scrapping sound when clutch lever is engaged. from my research it appears to be normal. but is it? almost sounds like a trans shaft bearing is worn!!!
next question..
the one I baught has a carbon fiber tank! is that factory or aftermarket upgrade? I know the s4r came with some carbon bits from the factory.
last one for tonight...
is there trans fluid and engine oil? or are they shared.
okay okay LAST question....
can you guys recommend the proper fluids for the oil, trans, and coolant. I want to start off fresh!!

thanks again! im really excited about being a part of the "duc" family :dance:
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