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For those of you who have the full Termi system

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For anyone that has the full termi system installed, and have also rode with the stock system, can you please state how the kit performs compared to stock. EX. does it lack or gain response at certain rpm compared to stock. And does the kit eliminate the o2 sensor? what goes in place of the o2 sensor connector? I am assuming it makes it run in open loop.
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With silencers in not much louder...a little lower but not loud by anymeans...haven't taken them out yet....next weekend project. With them in there was a noticable boost throughout the range. I'd be curious to know the dyno differences with silencers in and out. The header pipes are fat fat fat. The heat shield is replaced with a carbon piece that is smaller than on the stock. Lots of visible welds on the pipes but overall quality is high. Not sure on the o2 sensor question. Seems to have calmed the stalling issue down as well. On start up the scrolling text changed to 1098 Racing Evo from 1098S or whatever it said before. The healthy piping has me wondering if there is much if any weight reduction going on. Only had it above 6K once or twice and that's where the difference was most notable. Doesn't seem to have lost power anywhere based on the butt meter. This bike is deceptively fast which makes me feel like it's slower than my previous tlr but then I look at the speedo and realize it's much much faster in reality.
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Not picked up my "S" yet, but test ride was on an "S" with Termi end cans, I've ordered the full system on mine and will post sound clip with and without baffles. Am in Hong Kong for a couple of weeks and then picking the bike up, so some time in mid April.

You might have seen this video already, but if not.......

check out this link for the comparison of stock to termi:

and if you are interested they compared it to a 06 gsx-r 1000:
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