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Used a handful of times with my mint jacket. Keeping the jacket since I can wear it as a regular leather jacket, selling the inserts.

The elbow set I cut the trim lines so they are the same as the flat design now that curve back when you wear them.

People can't even tell you're wearing armor and it's the best stuff out there. D30 Knox, Sastec cannot compare. CE2 level rating, temperature moldable, reuseable impact etc.

The Sportlite Insert is also mint condition it's 001 shape. CE1 for this one. Most of spinal injuries occur from torsional force that originates from shoulders and not a direct impact on the back, so I opted to do a CE1 back insert instead of the pro CE2 (CE2 wouldn't hurt).

I would like to sell all three area upgrades as a set for $115 PayPal net to me or Gift shipped anywhere to CONUS.

Thanks for looking!
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