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Hey Riders, I'm new to this site, so hopefully all of you are gonna welcome me into the community!
My name is Pablo, I work at Magic City Cycle, we are having a get together January Saturday 15th ,22nd, and 29th! from 12-3pm
we are gonna have, Music, free drinks and food. and specials on everything (bikes,clothing, accessories,parts, and service!)
so come in, i hope all of you can make it, but i know is not gonna be possible for everyone to make it in, so we are gonna have this every Saturday in January!

the addres is 8901 futures dr, orlando FL 32819
call me if u need directions, or anything else. my cell is 407-729-4717 and the dealership 407-826-4269.

that in young john, about 1 mile south from sand lake road!

To introduce our selfs to the community, we are Ducati,Triumph and BMW dealership!

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