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I am assuming you want to remove the fork caps?
If you are doing this on the bike, you need to loosen the upper triple clamp bolts that fold the forks, and the handle bar pinch bolt.
These bolts are strong enough to pinch and deform the fork if it is not capped. It is also why the fork cap shouldn't be tightened too much as it is partially held by these bolts. The fork tube is thin and soft!

Then you can undo the fork caps using special tools (circular, with four little pins). Dan Kyle has it for sale.
Just be careful, panigale 1199s fork is different from other ohlins fork, so make sure you get the right one because otherwise it won't fit.

Edit: oh hang on, I think I misunderstood your question. Do you want to remove DES adjuster from the fork caps? i don't know that, sorry. I assume they form one part and you need aftermarket caps to do this?
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