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Front end doves when braking

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Only have 700km on the 821 and not too impressed with the front suspension. In the twisties, if I brake when setting up to go into a corner, the front dives a little and becomes unsettled until it gets loaded up. I'm pushing it a bit but my 696 didn't do this. Its worse if going down hill through the twisties. If I don't need to touch the brake the ride through the corner it is fine and the front end doesn't get seem to get too unsettled if I hit a bump mid turn.

Is this normal?

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Turn the screw on the bottom of fork to increase your compression dampening if you have the stripe model. If not then you will have to swap to a slightly thicker fork oil. The regular model I test rodes forks were setup for in town and beginner use but slowing the suspension both rebound and compression make a huge difference in how springy/pogosticky it is
You could start by adjusting the oil level in the forks to modify the air spring contribution to front spring stiffness. Here's a well-written explanation:

Peter Verdone Designs - Oil Height

Increasing compression damping in the forks will obviously change the rate of dive under braking, but it will also affect suspension behavior under all riding conditions—sometimes adversely. But the same thing can also be said for changing the fork oil level.

Suspension settings are always a compromise. You learn to ride with some less-than-optimum quirks to get the best overall behavior.
There are no adjustments on these forks.

As for oil, one fork is for rebound and the other for compression as far as I can tell. I think I need to talk to a pro about this. I've found cartriges but they are expensive.

Any feedback from 821 owners to confirm if this is normal?


PS can a mod change the typo. Should be dives. Might make it easier for a search if someone is having the same issue.
Personally I never had this problem and I ride mine pretty hard. Only issue I have is scraping my boot in turns instead of the pegs! Can't seem to get my foot out of the way no matter what.
Andreani do cheaper fork catridges. Mopar are expensive
Andreani cheap
Mupo expensive type
Mupo Srl - Kit cartridge LCRR
Mupo cheap type
Mupo Srl - Kit cartridge SP
cheap type
Ducati Monster all 821 Stiple Bj 15- Fork Kit (cartridge) showa For

I get the diving whilst braking you mention, I also get a sudden dive with just starting to apply brakes.
The stock suspension is crap. It's harsh, every imperfection in the road is felt.
thanks Watky I'm glad it's not only me. So what are you going to do about yours?
i called up a mob here in oz called race tech. Great to talk to and recommend olins but more than i want to spend.

Andreani won't sell direct as he has an Australian distrbuter, but the distributer wants a lot more then what the total cost of the adriani kit via omnia racing included shipping is. Problem is omnia racing will send them with only a generic spring rate and not matched to your weight. Also could be warrenty issues if its needed.

I haven't priced the Mupo through Aus distributer yet but don't imagine the LCRR kit to be cheap.
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