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karalunj said:
I am awaiting the delivery of my 1098 like many of you but would like to get a jump on some of the items I will need once it arrives. I am curious as to the hub size on the rear so I can purchase the right one to fit the 1098 rear wheel???? What stands allow the removal of the rear wheel? I have seen a wheel removal socket adapter and wonder what size I will need to fit the nuts on the rear wheel???? Lastly, do the front forks have a hollowed section at the lower tip which could be used as the prop point for the front lift so the wheel can be removed? Any help would be much appreciated....

jeff :banghead:
If the rear axle is larger that the old 996, you might see if the MV Agusta stand will work. I know the MV's rear axle diameter was huge compared to the 996.
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