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Selling my wife's Monster 696. She is too scared of it and prefers to ride the Grom ;)

Bike is basically new. I put front sliders, handlebar sliders, frame sliders, and rear axle sliders on it and did the Ducati OEM fender eliminator. She dropped it on the right doing 2mph in the parking lot once, sliders took 100% of the impact (as they should), so it's unhurt.

It has always been on a Ducati branded battery tender, on stands, and with fuel stabilizer. I ride it around once in a while to give it some love. Starts instantly, bike is brand new.


The price is fair, it's an amazing bike. I would keep it if we didn't have the pair of Groms now. This would make a fantastic starter bike or a great ladies' bike for the summer.


Included with the bike:

Ducati Performance Fender Eliminator $281.35

Ducati Performance Handlebar Bag $50.48

Ducati Performance Tank Bag with Quick Lock $177.69

Ducati Billet Aluminum Bar End - Black $56.30

Spiegler Frame Sliders $79.95

Spiegler Axle Sliders (Front) $56.95

Spiegler Axle Sliders (Rear) $56.95



I knew she would be more comfortable if she wasn't worried about hurting the bike, so I picked up a bunch of spare parts off of a forum guy. The box includes miscellaneous plastics, mirrors, levers, full stock exhaust mufflers, etc. These are also included, probably about $400 worth of random spares.


Here, I did the work for you:


Kelley Blue Book


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